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Recycling Information

Once a year I am required by law to notify all customers of the Wisconsin Recycling Laws.
Items that are banned from Wisconsin Landfills are as follows;

Banned items that we do pickup on your recycle day:

Newspapers Bundle or tie ( separate from other recyclables)
Magazines Bundle or tie (separate from other recyclables)
Corrugated cardboard Bundle or tie (separate from other recyclables)
Office paper Bag all loose papers together
Glass bottles and jars Rinsed, no lids.
Aluminum cans
Steel (tin) cans Rinsed with labels taken off.
Plastic Containers #1 and #2 Rinsed, no lids

All plastic, tin, glass and aluminum containers can be in clear bags or put loose in container together.

All recycled containers must be clean and contain no food debris. Recyclables mixed with garbage will not be picked up. Broken window glass, ceramics, Styrofoam, and the like are considered garbage.

Below are Recyclable Items that we do not pick upon recycle day: These items may be taken to the Juneau or Adams County Landfills.

Lead acid batteries Yard waste
Major appliances Tires
Motor oil Paint
Oil and oil absorbents Electronics